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  • Couples Counselling


    Our Couples Therapists

    Do you feel disheartened about your relationship with your partner? Is there a growing gap between you? Do you feel you are stuck in a cycle or dynamic that leaves you both feeling frustrated, isolated and hopeless? Are your lows lower and more frequent than they used to be? We can transform your isolation and negative communication patterns into connection and intimacy. By committing yourself to the process, you can move towards security and connection and a place where you both feel loved, seen and heard by one other.

    Drawing on attachment science and cutting edge approaches like emotion focused therapy, we work with families, couples and individuals who are seeking to transform their relationships, with each other and with themselves. Our goal is to help you obtain the tools you need to tackle your issues and not each other.

    Relationships are a main predictor of happiness and health. Learn how to share your hopes and needs in a way that your loved one can hear and learn how to give your loved one what they need. The work is hard but so is staying where you are right now. There is no work more important than this. Reach out for a free meet and greet today.


    “Part of what trips us up is that we expect life and relationships to be easy. There is nothing easy about life, and relationships especially seem to stir up every hidden demon, every dusty complex, every latent unshed tear from our own life and our parents’ histories hidden away in the attics of their psyches. Relationships ask us to grow in ways that nothing else does or can.”

    ― Sheryl Paul