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  • Katie McLean

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    Katie McLean, BA, MEd, MA, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

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    Sometimes we feel low and don’t know how we got here. Your past experiences may have left scars and formed how you feel and view yourself, your abilities, and others. Long after those experiences are gone, their aftermath can still live on. If you feel scared, worry that you are not enough or can’t shake the feelings of guilt and self-doubt, reach out. Sometimes the things that feel the most unchangeable are actually not. It is amazing how much can change when you spend time with a warm and accepting other. Not all experiences are equal in their impact, and it is amazing how much can change in a meaningful relationship.Whatever your reason for seeking support, I will authentically welcome you without judgement and with curiosity and warmth. With me you can expect to have deep conversations, and make meaningful connections and realizations, as well as to process and feel your feelings, and find self-compassion, acceptance and coping tools. I highly value the importance of the therapeutic relationship, and prioritize building a genuine connection with you, as the basis of our work together.

    Reaching out is the hardest part but you have made it this far. You know that something needs to change, even if you cannot imagine how it would. I am asking you to take a risk and a chance here. There is so much on the other side of your pain. Please reach out for a free consultation today and let’s see if we are a fit!

    Areas of Practice: ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Social Anxiety disorder, Autism Spectrum, trauma, pregnancy, postpartum and infertility, OCD, Grief, Self-esteem, Family of Origin, Trauma, Sexual assault, workplace stress, perfectionism, parenting, health anxiety, borderline personality disorder, men’s issues, anger management, divorce and separation and more, learning disabilities, suicidal ideation, and open relationships

    Populations: Individuals, Couples, Teens, LGBTQ+, Neurodivergent

    Katie is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) who has completed her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. She also has A Masters of Education.

    Katie is warm and passionate about helping others and brings years of informal counselling experience to her practice, from her years of work as a Student Advisor and Mentor at Guelph University, promoting the emotional well-being of students. Katie also has years of experience in crisis counselling at Torchlight distress line and Kids Help Phone Crisis Text Line. Creating a safe and non-judgemental space comes natural to her!