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  • Katie McLean

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    Katie is a Counselling Intern pursuing her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. She has a bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Education. She offers low-cost therapy.

    She is warm and passionate about helping others and brings years of informal counselling experience to her practice, from her years of work as a Student Advisor and Mentor at Guelph University, promoting the emotional well-being of students. Katie has years of experience in crisis counselling at Torchlight distress line and Kids Help Phone Crisis Text Line. Creating a safe and non-judgemental space comes natural to her!

    Our emotions such as anxiety, sadness, guilt, stress, overwhelm and depression exist along a continuum. Most people who reach out for therapy feel unsure if what they are feeling is a normal reaction to their circumstances, or something more. Maybe you feel stuck in patterns of thought you can’t seem to slow down. Maybe you have intrusive thoughts that scare you and leave you filled with doubt. Maybe major transitions in your life have left an impact on you and you no longer recognize yourself. Maybe you feel guilt that you can’t shake, and it is filling you with self-doubt. Maybe you are struggling with aspects of your identity and need an ear that values you for you. Maybe you simply want to get to know yourself better.

    Whatever your reason for seeking support, you are in the right place to be welcomed with non-judgment and authentic care. I take an individualized and integrative approach, in which I will find the tools to support you in the way you need at this stage of your journey. I recognize and honour the whole self throughout the therapeutic process to accommodate your unique experience, needs, and goals of therapy.

    You will feel safe, welcomed, comfortable and valued, allowing you to be your authentic self on this journey. I highly value the importance of the therapeutic relationship, and prioritize building a genuine connection with you, as the basis of our work together.