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    Shelley Jones

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    I bring 30 years of experience working with children, teens, families and couples. I am an honest, calm, and nonjudgmental therapist, able to create real and meaningful relationships with my clients. As a well experienced psychotherapist, you can expect the necessary wisdom to navigate complex family situations and high stress or anxiety in individual adults. I am a caring, fair and results-oriented type of person. I enjoy building a relationship that is honest, authentic, empathetic, and positive for my clients, because I firmly believe that it is through a supportive and nonjudgmental relationship that the healing begins and therapeutic results are delivered. My goal is to help you heal and learn how to cope with your thoughts and emotions. My therapeutic approach is collaborative, relaxed, and validating, so sessions resemble a conversation, not a traditional doctor/patient visit.

    Areas of Practice

    I focus on families and individuals dealing with mental health issues or going through life transitions such as couples therapy, separation, divorce, court proceedings, parenting difference, high-stress situations, and grief.

    Therapy modalities I often use include CBT, DBT, EFT, Solution focused, Mindfulness, Narrative, Psychoanalysis and Skill development. I look forward to connecting with you.