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  • Christine El-Dairy

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    Christine El-Dairy

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    I am a trauma-informed therapist who uses an eclectic approach drawing on EMDR, Polyvagal therapy, Narrative, Emotion-focused, Cognitive and Behavioural Approaches, Internal Family Systems, Inner child work and more. As a physician-turned psychotherapist, I am passionate about the mind-body connection. I draw on my knowledge of the human body and psyche, leveraging both these realms to create holistic treatment plans and targeting true and lasting change.  

    Long before starting my education and training in this field, I began to notice that those around me were comfortable opening up to me and sharing things with me that they did not feel comfortable sharing with others. Later on, I came to realize that these moments, being with others in their darkest times, were some of my most meaningful and rewarding experiences. Our therapists have this experience in common! We are passionate about coming alongside our clients as they journey to deeper and unexplored parts of their selves and psyches, that long to be heard. We help people from all walks of life who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, angry, powerless and hopeless. Whether you experience relational difficulties or often feel triggered, drained, shut down, or are avoiding important aspects of your life, we can help! We help you with managing your difficulties, as well as dig deeper to the root cause, so that transforming long-standing patterns is within reach.

    If you are interested in self-exploration, coping better and managing the root causes of anxiety, perfectionism, trauma or depression, then you are in the right place. We would be honoured to be a part of your journey. You deserve a meaningful and peaceful life!